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A Revolutionary Technique Using Sterile Hyaluronic Acid Gel Implants To Alleviate Painful Foot Pathologies From Within

Curacorn® is a unique & innovative treatment using specialised gel injections to cushion ‘inside’ the skin to prevent painful pressure lesions such as corns & calluses, making it the perfect treatment for busy patients who find themselves having to return for regular/frequent treatments.

About Curacorn®

Catherine Hobbs, a HCPC registered podiatrist for over 40 years was working with a premier league football club. Several players were suffering with painful pressure lesions from wearing tight football boots. Catherine soon realised the traditional methods were not fit for purpose and started to research alternative methods. After years of clinical trials, Catherine found that she could cushion the foot using injections of a speicalised sterile gel deposited in the skin to alleviate pain. Curacorn® was born.

Curacorn® works best in areas where there is some laxity of skin around the lesion such as an interdigital corn, dorsal corn/pressure point or under the PMA. Most patients who engage in regular exercise that exacerbates pressure pathologies can benefit from it. However, it works equally well in all patients even those classified as high risk.

The Curacorn® Course

Step 1 – Prior to the training you are required to complete a pre course theory element which is done online. A short exam is included.

Step 2- Once you have successfully completed your theory you will attend a full day of practical training with one of our Curacorn tutors. You must be able to demonstrate competency in vascular assessment including calculation of ankle/brachial index and neurological assessment using 10g monofilament. 

Step 3 – A certificate of competence will be issued at this point to enable you to complete 5 case studies. Once these have been assessed a final certificate of completion will be issued.  


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